Awards and Recognition

✨ First Award ✨

There’s some exciting news to share with all of you. Last time you found out that I have started oil painting, and that portraiture services in oil are available to you, in addition to digital paintings. Thank you for all your support and kind wishes. This is going well, and there’s already a waitlist for my work!

With encouragement from my primary mentor, I decided to enter an art contest. The original intention was just to learn how to enter art contests and get the experience of doing it. No expectations.

My mentor explained that some people, even professional artists with art degrees, enter contests for years before their work wins an award, or is even accepted, depending on the contest. I’ve only been painting for 7 months, so I set my expectations accordingly.

You can imagine my surprise when the notification that my portrait of The Scientist won a Talent Prize in the Teravarna 4th Water International Juried Art Competition!

I’m feeling particularly fortunate and blessed for the training and guidance I’ve received that allowed me to paint the portrait. I’m also feeling like it’s a bit of beginners’ luck.

Encouragement and recognition are fun, but what’s important is my next painting 😉.

If you’re already one of my collectors, thank you for believing in me. Your support makes all the difference, and You can now say that the piece or pieces you own were created by an award-winning artist.

Soon I will publish my official portrait page and announce on social media for the few remaining spots at the extremely low beginning rate.

You can lock in your spot and get on my waitlist by contacting me here. There’s no obligation, so go ahead and tell me about what you would like me to paint for you.

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