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"To Create Beautiful, Passionate, Soul Touching Work"

is my artistic goal. Spending the time and care on my highly detailed work is one way that I send more love out into the world. Everyone deserves to have their visage fully taken in, studied, and admired at the level necessary to create a realistic or hyperrealistic portrait.

Lifelong Learning

Art, love, joy, passion, and love of learning are lifelong themes for me. I did not attend a traditional atelier for training, so I am on a lifelong quest to learn from the abundance of trainings with living masters in various places in the world, thanks to the technology of the wondrous age in which we live.

In order to get ever closer to my artistic goals, I seek out the direct personal tutelage of the great artists I admire whenever possible and am grateful for the opportunity and blessings of having these magnificent artists in my life. I have been mentored by Hyperrealism Master, Dirk Dzimirsky; and I am currently being mentored by World Class Artist/Art Teacher, Steve Huston, in addition to being an active member of his Draws from Life Inner Circle of clients.

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Why Hyperrealism?

"Teresa, your work is beautiful, passionate, and soul touching." These words were spoken to me by one of my closest friends before he passed away, and they continue to guide my work to this day. I hope to reach deeply into the hearts of viewers, igniting a sense of oneness and connection both within themselves and the world around them. I work in precise detail in an attempt to embrace an expression of reality that extends beyond the possibilities of photography, and I hope that through this loving care my pieces will be immediately recognizable.

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Additional Information

In my half-century plus on earth, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to experience a variety of careers, playing flute professionally, teaching, hosting a radio show, and writing, including an Amazon bestselling book. For me these are all different expressions of the same energy, and I see visual art as the next step in my development of living an artistic, sacred life. I am currently living and creating art in Japan, where I teach (mostly English) at Ryukoku University, with my new drawing course, Drawing Plants of Buddhism, beginning in Fall of this year, 2023.

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Artwork for You

If you’re interested in one of the available pieces, or if you’d like to have a conversation about having me create an original portrait of you or a loved one, please send a message here through the contact page.

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