"Beautiful, Passionate, Soul-Touching"

Passion, joy, love, and love of learning are lifelong themes for Teresa, and are finding full expression in her realistic and hyperrealistic drawings and paintings. Though she has gained much of her foundational training with the aid of tutorials over the internet, requiring both discernment and tremendous self-discipline, she seeks out the tutelage of artists she admires whenever possible. Teresa has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study digital painting with the great caricature and realistic portrait artist, Jason Seiler; oil painting with portrait master Scott Waddell; and is currently being mentored by Hyperrealism Master, Dirk Dzimirsky.

Teresa Bolen

"Beautiful, passionate, and soul-touching," Teresa’s works reach deeply into the hearts of viewers, creating a sense of oneness and connection. She works in precise detail, embracing an expression of realness that extends beyond the possibilities of photography, making her pieces immediately recognizable.

Teresa has had the opportunity to experience a variety of careers, playing flute professionally, teaching, hosting a radio show, and writing, including an Amazon bestselling book. She experiences all of these as being different expressions of the same energy, and sees hyperrealism as the next step in her development as an Artist. Teresa is currently living and working in Japan, where she is honored to have been invited to teach seminars at the Hane Gallery in Nara.

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